Lennie is as most of us has noticed a special guy. He can’t help it but that’s just the way he is. We can see this in a very good way in the text and we see it from page one. As said we can see it in the text, and a good example of that is when Curley, Candy and all the others asks why George speaks for Lennie when they’re asking Lennie a question. I think this makes all the other one  realize that he is retarded. Even though he doesn’t speak so much, the way he is behaving tells us much about Lennie as a person. I think the other men feels sorry for Lennie, there is no exactly example of this in the text, but we understand it as we read, it’s sort of feeling all of us get. I also feel sorry for him. Actually it’s a bit strange because he is such a big guy.  George cares about him very much even though he doesn’t show us that every-time in the text. Overall i think most of the men likes Lennie very much, but i think they like him in a way we like child’s, and not buddies we hang around with.


Of Mice and Men: Chapter one question.

I think we can see how long Lennie and George has known each other in the way they are talking, and acting to each other. George doesn’t seem to be very shy. That may be one of the reasons i think George is more like Lennie’s father in the novel. I also think Lennie is acting like George is his father, or his brother in the story.It’s pretty obvious to me that they know each other very well. We see this in how angry George gets sometimes. Even though he doesn’t mean it. George is like the smart one, and steps forward as one of the tough characters in the story, even though he is small guy. Lennie is the strong guy, but he doesn’t act like one. So they are opposite to each other. I think they have known each-other since cinder-garden.

Caught in a vicious circle.

Question 1:

Ok, first we have Cordelia. She is new in town and suddenly she is all over Grace, Carol and Elaine. i get the impression of that she’s bossing over the other girls, telling them what to do, or not to do. A perfect example of this is on the bridge when Cordelia throws Elaine’s hat over the edge, and tells her to get it. I think Cordelia is evil. She practically stole Elaine’s friends, and kicked Elaine out of the gang.

Caron doesn’t have a big role in this story, or in the part i just read. She appears to be just like Cordelia and Grace. But she seem to be a little bit more fainthearted. We understand this when Elaine comes back to school and when Carol asks if she almost drowned.

Then we have Grace, who seems to be Elaine’s friend, but turns out not to be. She, Carol and Elaine used to be best friends, but suddenly Cordelia turns up and changes everything. It seems to me like Grace only wants to hang with the popular ones, which in this case is Cordelia. I think she can me nice, but only to the people she’s hanging with.

 Elaine is the main character in the story, and she is telling us about the happenings. She seems to me like a nice person, which tried to help Cordelia, but gets nothing back for it. And she is more like the good person in the story. The other ones appears to be evil, at least until Cordelia hurts herself. Then suddenly everyone is against Elaine. That is my overall opinion.

 Question 2:

During the tome i read this text i noticed i got a little angry at Cordelia, and i think it was because Cordelia just came in town and destroyed their friendship. Anyway, i think the author was trying to tell me that you always got to be yourself, and don’t just hang around with the popular ones, unless that’s what you want. I think he also was trying to tell me that you always got to be strong and stick together with your real friends.

Question 3: I didn’t quiet like this story, actually i didn’t like it at all. I didn’t like the way Cordelia was acting among her friends, and i didn’t like the was Carlo and Grease left their friend behind. Elaine was only nice to them, but got nothing back. Although i liked that Elaine walked away from her ”friends”, that must have been a tough decision to make.

Short Answer.

1) The adventures of Huckleberry Finn was first published in 1884, this was one of Twain’s most famous works.

2)The adventures of Huckleberry Finn can be described as a dramatic novel.

3) Huckleberry Finn and Tom sawyer each received 6000 dollars when they found money that the robbers had hidden in the cave.

4)Huck’s pap returns because he wants Huck’s money to buy alcohol. Later he kidnaps him and wants to kill him, he isn’t much of a father.

5)When Jim first sees Huck Finn on the island, he thinks Huck is going to tell the other about Jim’s runaway. Even though he lived a terrible life there, no-one cared. But Huck didn’t say anything.

6)Jim runs away from Miss Watson because he doesn’t want to live as a slave any longer. He also overhears Miss Watson speaking to another slave owner. They where talking about selling Jim for a nice amount of money.

9)Huck escapes to Jackson island and discovers that Jim also had runned away. The two of them travels together down the Mississippi river.  And it’s actually here the story begins.

10)Mark Twain’s approach to the issue of racism in Huckleberry Finn is that he offcourse thinks it’s a bad thing, and he tries to pass this message to the people around the world trough the book. The book describes how slaves is being treated in some states at that time.

Essay: Question 8.

We read the story Huckleberry Finn in class, and i found it interesting writing about how Huck becomes a man during the journey down the river. When Huck and Jim travels down the river, they’re facing many challenges. And i thing Huck is a grown up person even before the the journey down the river starts. Loosing his parents and making the decision of running away demands a lot of courage and and a strong mind. But i also think it has a lot to say for Huck that Jim is with him, and he is actually his ”father” in this story He takes care of him and protects him during the journey.

During the time he spend with Miss Watson in the story, Huck finds himself a little uncomfortable, specially with the clean clothes and the nice things he gets to handle. Huck isn’t used to this, he wants to get dirty and live like a free boy, not going to school or in the church. He’s friends admires him, because he gets to do whatever he wants to do, and this way the mothers don’t want them to hang around the lonely boy. This made Huck independent and capable to do things other ‘ couldn’t do.

But as said, Huck and Jim faces many challenges trough the journey, such as  flood and tricksters. To be such a young boy, Huck handles the situation very well. At least that’s my opinion. During the journey Huck grows as a person, and experiences the differences between people in the real world. He gets to see peoples greed for money, and how people shows no respect for slave runaways.

He also carries a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, and a youngster like Huck shouldn’t have to take all that by himself. He had an selfish father who didn’t dare to take the responsibility for Huck, he was just drunk and wanted Huck’s money. This also made Huck independent and made him search for another family. Maybe he wanted one another family`? or maybe he liked being alone best. I think Jim was more like a father for Huck, even though he wasn’t, if you know what i mean. Maybe this was meant to bee?, i don’t know. But i think that letting Huck know that his real father died in that cabin made Jim his father.

All this together made Huck a grown up person, not just that he didn’t go to school or wore clean clothes, but the experiences. Huck went trough challenges that normal children usually couldn’t handle, but since Huck most of the time had been alone in the time before the journey, he sort of was prepared for the journey and the challenges that was waiting for him. So the conclusion would be that Huck’s passage into manhood was based on the things that happened before the journey.

10 facts about Mark Twain.

Mark twain, also known as Samuel Langhorne clemens was born November 30, 1835.

Mark Twain was an American humanist, humorist and a writer.

Twain was best known for his novels, among them Huckleberry Finn.

Mark twain was the sixth of seven children and the family came from missouri in Florida.

Mark twain was only four years old when he’s family moved nearby the mississippi river.

In march 1847, when Mark was only 11 years old. His father died of a disease.

Missouri(the state he lived in), was a slave state. But despite this Mark became friends with one of the slaves.

Mark twain died April 21, 1910.


To be honest, i think Lennie is a bit retarded. When i first read the story i didn’t quite get what was wrong with Lennie, but now it all makes sense since he killed the puppy and a woman. But, if you read the story again, you’ll see that Lennie actually is a nice guy, after all. He don’t mean the things he does, but it’s he’s forcible thoughts. He’s anger is very precariously, just like the colours in this text, hehe. But offcourse he killed a human being. Going to jail, is not that cind of thing Lennie needs right now. He need to go to a psychologist, not just to clear he’s thoughts but also to learn how to handle he’s anger!. And btw, Lennie is a totally awesome name!.